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Florence is dedicated to transforming health systems by streamlining the integration of global nurses into the U.S. workforce.

Solving the U.S. nursing shortage

Nurses face chronic understaffing. Florence's mission is to permanently eliminate the U.S. nursing shortage, ensuring better working conditions and sustainable staffing levels.

Ending Predatory Staffing Practices

Florence offers nurses and students full job autonomy, 100% salary retention, and direct W-2 employment, eliminating messy contracts and high breakup fees typical with staffing agencies.

Florence Model

Global Nursing Bridge

  • No restrictive contracts
  • Room & Board (60 Days)
  • Retain 100% of salary
  • Work for hospital (W-2)
  • Same benefits as peers
  • Full autonomy over jobs
  • Fast track to H1-B Visa
  • No breakup fees
Staffing Agency

International Staffing Firms

  • Multi-year contracts
  • Pay your Room & Board
  • Retain 70% of salary
  • Work for staffing agency
  • Less benefits than peers
  • No autonomy over jobs
  • Slow path to H1-B Visa
  • High breakup fees

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